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тест да

Файл:Floppa.jpeg <<<<тут был флоппа но меня затиранили

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  • Человечество распространилось далеко за пределы Земли
  • Сама Земля является домом для значительного количества людей, хотя планета по сути является огромным заповедником с скоплениями остающихся в центрах населения и аркологиях людей. На защиту естественной флоры и фауны Земли уходят огромные силы. Национальные государства, какими они раньше были, уже давно перестали существовать.
  • Человечество разделено на два государства: Центральное Правительство Солнечной Системы (ЦПСС) и Гильгамешскую Колониальную Конфедерацию (ГКК)

Humanity exists in two main forms, the Sol Central Government (SCG) and the Gilgamesh Colonial Confederation (GCC) which are two competing, local superpowers currently engaged in a cold war. The Current leader of the Sol Central Government is the Secretary-General, Amaya Barros. Many of the political institutions of the SCG are based in Olympus, Mars. Only humans can become citizens of the Sol Central Government or any of its members. Aliens are, however, able to acquire residency rights. The largest corporations are based on Luna. Humanity exists in other places, though in a far more rustic, colonial and disorganized state, as well as on stations and other habitats in the void between worlds. Humanity is currently enjoying a terse, frosty peace between the two superpowers following the Gaia Conflict. Most Humans are still from Sol itself, with Mars being the political hub of the SCG, Luna being the corporate hub and Venus, Pluto and Ceres also being of interest. The two other largest population centers in the SCG are Tau Ceti and Helios. There are many more Colonies. The GCC is home to the second largest human population, and is ideologically divergent from the SCG. Despite this, many humans from the more libertarian and militaristic GCC work in SCG space. "Indies" as they are known, are often viewed with suspicion, derision and outright hostility by SCG citizens as a result of numerous war crimes and expansionism during the Gaia conflict. There is still a large class divide which varies from planet to planet. The Expeditionary Corps is a Uniformed Service of the Sol Central Government, concerned with non-military objectives such as exploration, surveying and the discovery of new life and alien technology. The Fleet is the primary military force of the SCG, and is concerned with military objectives such as the defence of SCG Space, dealing with piracy and cracking down on rebellions and insurrectionists. It also occasionally engages in search and rescue and humanitarian aid. Members of the Fleet and the EC must give up their planetary affiliations and adopt SCG Citizenship when they join. The agents of the SFP are also found on the Torch, and are a federal-level law enforcement agency concerned with dealing with cross-planetary and cross-system crime, interstellar organised crime and crime in the void between worlds. Aliens serving in the EC are exchange personnel from their own planets, and not permanent, full members of the corps. The Expeditionary Corps is headquartered in the SCGECO or 'The Observatory' for short, a large orbital installation between the Sun and Mars. The Fleet is headquartered in Olympus, on Mars, and has a myriad over bases and installations across human space. Corporations have large amounts of political influence and economic power throughout the SCG, and some dominate or directly control a star system or planet. One of if not the largest corporation is arguably NanoTrasen, which is extremely diverse in its portfolio and assets. Primarily concerned with Bluespace, Phoron and BioMedical research. It also maintains a large, private security force and effectively controls the Nyx system. NanoTrasen is unscrupulous and aggressive in its business practices, often favouring profit above other considerations. Most of its management are extremely competitive and are known for their backstabbing and back room deals. Humanity has only rare encounters with Vox within human space, and they are usually long gone before the Fleet intervenes in their hostile actions. It is exceptionally rare for anyone to have entered combat with them prior to the Torch mission.